Steering a New Course

Today I’ve begun the reflective process as I embark on another term of teaching, spending the afternoon entering marks, preparing new and groovy resources and some general planning.

Thankfully, I am only teaching one subject out of my comfortable music teaching area, which is a relief.  I did find that the stress of teaching “history” to my disengaged year 9’s for the past semester, quite an energy zapper.

Today I also begin my Graduate Certificate in Education hoping to fill in some gaps in order to feel sufficiently “professionally developed”.

My first semester of teaching in a new state, with new colleagues and a new Principal sees me fitting the following on most levels:

“… (Beijaard 1995) suggested that teachers

have high stability in their careers ‘when they have a good relationship with pupils

and when they function well in the school organization’ (p. 292), and that a change

to one of these aspects results in a period of instability within the teacher’s career.”

Beijaard, 1995, p. 284

My relationship with my new students has been enriching and rewarding with powerful life-changing connections having been made.  I have problems with the “functioning well within the organisation” as it is new to me and my free spirit is being stood on from time to time.   I will work on the freeing the spirit some more!

As my husband often puts it “That’s a personal problem”


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